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Sunday, May 17th 2009

2:27 PM

RoMa Anniversary '09

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RoMa: A combination of our old "signatures": Ro-chan & Ma-chan.
(It's also Italian for Rome)
Anniversary: 04.26.04

5th Year Anniversary
Destination: Little Tokyo (Our Old Stomping Ground)
Weather: Breezy

Hey guys! Welcome to another Anniversary Adventure Recap!
Our years of being together has made us quite calm in our adventures - we didn't travel as much as our previous Ann, but I still took more pictures!

Errol: This time of year, Maggie had prepared quite a beautiful outfit to wear~!
Maggie: Darling always likes me in brown, so this was one of my gifts to him~

Errol: ...basic in looks for now, but the entire outfit is what made it what it was! Sadly and gladly, I'm not showing you the rest of it! Because the rest of the outfit includes cute white shorts that look kinda' like a skirt + nice brown stockings ending with cute white shoes. Sexy, in my opinion.

Maggie: my Darling deserves the best~

Errol: I'll gladly show you the shows, however:

Errol: With the stars?! Too cute!
Maggie: why thank you~ it took forever for me to pick them out~ was originally
going to paint over the silver with brown in the stars, but didn't have time/ didn't
feel like it. tee hee!

Errol: Aaaand... there's me, with my classic "Silent Boy" outfit that I used to wear in my highschool years= Non-shampooed hair, black Dickies jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, + worn-out tennis shoes. Except well... I didn't have a white shirt.... I had a... hot pink one...
Maggie: i picked it out~ hey! i deserve sexy Darling too

Errol: Coming with this preset package comes the semi-new (new in terms of: not being seen on my camera) Mirror's Edge special edition yellow shoulder bag and what seems to be a 2nd page of a Comics section of a Sunday Newspaper? Oh where could the infamous 1st page be?

Errol: I thought this was a goodin'.

Errol: Anyways! Our first trip was to the infamous CoCo's!
Maggie: oh yeah! we went to Coco's~

To Coco's!
To Coco's we went!

Errol: Ah... right... it's like a repeat of last Anniversary's "forgot to take pictures while I was there"... Oh well! .... I honestly don't remember what I ordered, it has been too long since then. ...Mags, please fill in the blank here!

Maggie: um... you had a big breakfast plate thing, replacing the ham with something... and i had eggies and hash brownies~

Errol: It was here where we exchanged gifts with one another...
To her, I gave a 5-page pink-rubber-band-bounded comic story I named "Clouds of Bubblegum". A short-story comic of a BigDumbPuppy and Mr. Foxie's 50th year anniversary - and their flashback of how it all started. Such a nice story. There was even a nice drawing of them cuddling on the back to finish off the "book".

Maggie:  Mi got Darling a pair of ninja shoes!! they're a little big, but nothing a good pair of those tabi socks can't fix! and a Bop-It!! he was talking for a long time before about how much he missed Bop-It and how fun it was to play, so i gots him one off eBay~ it's from Florida~

Errol: And I love both, babe.

Errol: I also gave her poems I spent days worrying about... I've always been meaning to write her poems again... Maggie's so different from anyone else, so worth everything that normal words and sentences simply could not and cannot describe how I feel for her. So I spent days trying to bring back the "poem" in me, just so I could express myself again.

Maggie: they were beautiful, my love~

Errol: Included with those, I also gave her a new DS!!!!!!! ... I thought it was time she got back that side of her again. I quite missed the part of Maggie that would spend hours fiddling with her micro-games and telling me all about them. And to make sure she could have fun with it, I also got her Gardening Mama and charged her new DS overnight.


Errol: We watched that for an entire week and a half... t'was awesome entertainment.

Errol: After gifts were traded and food was eaten, we headed back in order to leave presents back at the house.

Maggie: ... and go to the bathroom? i can't remember~

Errol: Just so you could comb your hair.

Errol: And then we went off to our journey!

Errol: And there's Maggie, sporting her ever-adorable Lion-backpack with the rather fragile -yet stylish- weather jacket.

Maggie: that's the lion Darling gave me as a birthday present a couple years ago~ ain't he cute???

Errol: Our travels will now be ridden through the Metro Station!
Maggie: train!

North Hollywood Metro Station! Here we come!


Errol: No pictures on the train though - feel rude snapping pictures while people are rushing around.

Errol: While there was not much action within the train itself, there was a reason for it: I was quite quiet. For what reason? It seemed that the window I was sitting next to, smelled like crap. ...not the floor, not the chair, not the wall... it was the window itself, only the window! What did people do to the poor window?!

Maggie: i'm so sorry i didn't notice Sweetie~


Snake: SUNLIGHT!!!

Errol: Ah! Finally! Fresh city air! Now off to our destination! But wait, there seems to be something here of worthy note...

Errol: Ah yes, Matthew McConaughey's creepy face-changing smile posted on every poster for that movie... Maggie hates that face.


Errol: Remember this picture??? It was the last picture I took in our last Anniversary! And this is it from a different angle! ...wow, it almost looks 3D!

Maggie: it's all like 3D animation type!

Another beautiful day in wondrous L.A.!!!

Errol: I love this place...
Maggie: it looks like a painting~

Errol: Hm? What's this? I know it's hard to see, it was hard to see from where we were standing also - it seems that there's some kind of book drive/convention/thingy across the ways! There always seems to be something happening around here.

Maggie: that's cuz people are jealous they don't have a special day like our's~

Errol: Eh?? Telemundo???? ...ah right, technically speaking they're known as "KWHY-TV", but nonetheless owned by Telemundo. There really is something always happening around here. Well, we better move before it gets crowded...

Maggie: it was corporate sponsored, WAY TO SELL OUT

Random Pictures!

Errol: I LOVE taking pictures! These are some random ones I took. Each picture tells a story...

Maggie: of how Darling kept taking pictures!

Errol: Of course, taking all these pictures made Maggie laugh at me as I'd literally take a picture of anything that was made of reality. Whatever.

Errol: Haven't figured out where we were going yet? Despite how obvious it is, I haven't mentioned it once throughout this entire entry other than the intro... we're going to...


Errol: Er... well, that IS Little Tokyo... just the edge of one side of it. Afterall, if you're gonna' head out into the city, you're gonna' have to get some coffee, amiright? And no place destroys all other coffee shops so that it's impossible to have anything other than makes coffee like Starbucks!

Maggie: full bars!


Errol: Ah... well... yes... last time we forgot to get a current picture of Marukai Market, but here's the new one! And it seems the natives have gotten quite used to the place! Back then, there was only a few people wandering in and out, but now it's just as busy as the old Marukai! Don't worry, they haven't sold themselves out, they just wanted to look nicer is all.

Cute Carts~!

Errol: And our purchases within these walls were as follows... Maggie, if you please:

The Suspects

Maggie:  we got Ramunes with pokemans on them!! isn't they totally cute? the sakuma drops and candies were bought cuz i seen them on a website and wanted to try them out the legit way! Darling really likes the Drops, while i'm partial to the chewy candies!

Errol: Hell yeah I love the Sugar Drops... at first I thought they were okay... but since they weren't as sweet and strong as normal American candy, I never got tired of the flavor. After running out, I had this awful taste in my mouth for 3-4 days straight. Everything didn't taste good anymore, I was having fruit drop-withdrawals... @_@

Errol: And remember folks, while you're at Marukai...

Maggie: how come they don't mention the get arrested part in Spanish?
Errol: Maybe they're used to it? OH!! RACISM!! ZING! ... Nah, just kiddin. Heh heh.

Errol: And off to inner-Weller Court we went!


Weller Court

Errol: I forgot to mention... this Anniversary's theme was "The First"... we planned it so that this Anniversary followed the route of our first Anniversary celebration. So in Weller Court, just like our first Anniversary: we sat, chilled, guzzled down Ramune, ate candy, and stared into each other's eyes...

Maggie: ... even thought that picture wasn't there the first year~

Errol: Now that we've gotten that gushy stuff aside, let's move onto a main attraction for us!


Errol: The ever-expensive Japanese bookstore attacks with vengeance!
Maggie: can't argue if the prodcts are good!

Errol: OUCH! Despite Maggie's readiness to finally start collecting Lucky Star manga, Kinokuniya strikes a cold shoulder with a MISSING FIRST MANGA!!! Without the first, how much worth are the others???
Maggie: ...


Errol: Now here's some of the coolest things I have ever seen! Meet Piperoids! Robot models you build from paper tubes! Intersted in 'em? Give this a look: Piperoids.
Maggie: they're cool, but kinda weird lookin~

Maggie's Corner



Errol: Welcome to Maggie's corner! Named such since she claims everything here is her's! Mag's quite a fan of... well... I'll let her explain it.

Maggie: MY CORNER!! MINE!! all these wonderfully products are from Aranzi-Aronzo! a totally cute, made-by-hand store thing in Japan that sells all sorts of cute stuff, and EVEN BOOKS ON HOW TO MAKE THEY'RE CUTE STUFF!! they're like the perfect!! i got a little towel with kitties on them, and it's come in so much handy!! and for only $7.50!! a tad expensive, but you pay for quality! check em out at http://english.aranziaronzo.com/index.html


Errol: Having left Kinokuniya, we were on our way to the most recognizable part of Little Tokyo, but first!
Maggie: so many shirts! so cute!
Udon's Art of CAPCOM

Errol: I've always been wanting to get that little ditty, but never did. But on Anniversary, I finally got me it! Nice artbook, indeed.

Maggie: no! i bought that for you!

Errol: Whatever, it's still mine. No, but really, thank you babe~!

Errol: As for Maggie, she got herself a face/handtowel/handkerchief-thingy from that thing she likes, as well as a postcard! ...and supposedly, I'm supposed to send the postcard to her. O_o;

Maggie: yes you are!

Errol: ...supposedly it gains value to her if I were to legitimately send the postcard through the mail... but I said I'd only get started on it once she gets me some stamps. And she hasn't, so ha.

Maggie:  i'll buy the stupid stamps when you send it!   HURRY UP!!

Errol: Wait... wha-?? O_o

Bye Weller Court!

Maggie: a green car!
Errol: Anyways... onto...

Japanese Village Plaza
Errol: Or according to the picture on the right... "Japanese Village Plaz-SUNLIGHT!!!"


Errol: At the outlet, I gots me a Galaxian toy/model/memorial/thingymajiggy??? (I'll show it later)
Maggie got herself two Pokemon lunchboxes: Palkia/Dialga and Darkrai. She also got herself a cute puppy and owl charm for her phone/DS.

Maggie: again, I BOUGHT THAT FOR YOU!   cuz i was the provider this time around~

Errol: It seems we're heading to Jungle in this direction...

Errol: And into Jungle we go! I totally forgot to take a picture of the front!

Lookie That!

Lookie There!



Errol: While at Jungle we decided to only get a few things... one, a Val (from Akazukin) build-it-yourself figurine-thingy... and 3 CDs of DigiCharat. Why bother with getting the CDs? Well, they were only a dollar each. Might as well, y'know?

Maggie: they still don't have much cute Lucky Star stuff outside the expensive and make-me-look-lesbian figurines...

Errol: While inside, Maggie and I met a little runt of a pup who had made himself at home inside the store. The little thing tried to take Maggie's shoe.

Maggie: i like him! he's my friend! he had paint on him!

Errol: And outside, the pup had ran off, exploring the rest of the plaza.

Errol: And now, off to the mall! ...but first, we saw a dying store...

Errol: The Plaza Gift Center... a place run by family, selling nicks and knacks for years... they sure did sell some awesome stuff. Sadly, we couldn't get in on the sale due to the fact that it's just one of those stores that there's literally nothing you want to get in there on some days. I'll miss the place, nonetheless.

Maggie: indeed! miss you much, Dharuma and old anime VHS tape store... and place where i got that nice cookbook a while ago...

Errol: Onto the Little Tokyo Mall!

Errol: But whoah, what're these things?! Fans? Apparently Little Tokyo had done some renovations while we've been gone and added these new crosswalk designs. ...don't tell them I said this, but I think the designs are kinda' ugly.

Maggie: i like em, but they mess with the eyes a little too much~

Errol: Welcome to Little Tokyo Mall! Where you'll be greeted with...

A glass wall fountain, watch as running water flows down with a beautiful sakura scene behind it...
very pretty! very... Asian?

...a glass bench with glowing red sakura?? ...Ummm...

And red sakura lighting? Watching us from the heavens? I guess?
 SH! you'll make them angry!

Errol: Well, with all the Sakura's around, let's hope our favorite restaurant's still around...


Errol: What was wrong with just being called Sakura?!!

Maggie: oh... i didn't notice the name change! *remembers the receipt* OH!... that's weird

Errol: Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the place is alive and well, but seriously?! Sakura NOODLE?! What is that? Some new form of Noodle made of Sakura Mochi??

Maggie: Sakura Bowl? Sakura Yum-Yums? i think those fit better...

Errol: Awww? Isn't darling cute? Look at that table! We're number 4~! Ginger Ale for only 99cents! Look Shin Bowls! Love that stuff! Awww, darling's all distracted while I snapped this one!

Maggie: they didn't have Coke there... i wanted a Coke... walked all over the friggin store... NO COKE

Errol: Lookit' that... the new market's tryin' to be all "We're trendy and future-esque~!". ...I have no idea what they're talking about on the screen, btw.
Maggie: neither do i, something about fresh meat?

Food's Here

Errol: Looks good, don't it?

Maggie: it should have been...

Errol: Mags and I had our usual, I had the beef bowl, and she had the curry udon. Delicious as mine was, I find it rather ironic that the new name of "Sakura" is now "Sakura Noodle" despite the fact that Maggie didn't really enjoy her usually-overly-delicious curry udon. It's sad that Maggie didn't like it, but it truly was humorous in the irony, in my opinion.

Maggie: the flavor wasn't in the noodles like it usually is... made me very sad, especially since Darling's food tasted so good!

Look! The mall's finally got the stores leased to other people!

Errol: Ah... it seems like eternity since the mall has gotten back on its feet... it felt like a beggar for years, only surviving barely with very few stores that only the residents went to.. but now with all these stores, and not to mention the rather popular Karate dojo opened on the 3rd floor - it really feels like it's gonna' come back to life.

Maggie: honestly, just glad the narutards weren't there to ruin it~


Errol: Due to Rival Schools' arcade machine being busted again (I couldn't do any specials while Maggie could... SO UNFAIR), we were able to play the Taiko Drums TWICE! Whoo~! Awesome fun, that Taiko Machine. I think we're getting better, too.

Maggie: maybe you're getting better... OH WAIT! i beat you one time! hootie hoo~

Errol: Uh oh, Maggie's feet are getting tired of the shoes. It's always the cute shoes that blister the feet...
Errol: After a ton of "No, I'm okay"s that Maggie has seethed through her teeth throughout the day, she finally agreed to wear my shoes after having found a rather girly pair of slippers for me to wear. (me: left, her: right)

Maggie: it was either Doraemon or Jack Skellington, and Darling picked Doraemon~

Errol: She also got herself a cute "chocolate"-frame from the same store we got the slippers. I'll show a picture of it later.

Maggie: felt bad for the cashier girl, first the receipt wouldn't print, then she had to change the roll... and then she knocked over her Starbucks... POOR GIRL

Errol: Will you look at that? Even the outside of the mall has been revamped! ...it even has bands playing out here!


To America Town!
Errol: That's just what Maggs and I call it... a very distinct area right by Little Tokyo that seems to only have American stores.

Maggie: it's got a FedEX, Starbucks, Quizno's, Office Depot and a Fudruckers (that will be opening soon, we have to eat there by the way, Darling~). if you need to go to the bathroom, the only dependable one is at the Office Depot! they don't ask question, and the stalls are very clean!

Errol: For the last time, it's not Fudruckers, it's Johnny Rockets!!

Errol: We came here to chillax. After all that walking around, we wanted to rest and stare at the bounty we have obtained.

Maggie: and each other~

Our Bounty

Errol: It's odd that the wind is so nice around this area. Always so nice to look through our things in this place.


Errol: And hey, remember that picture of the ice cream place? That's our next stop~!


Errol: Do you people know how much I love ice cream? Of course you don't. You simply cannot fathom my passion for ice cream. While we were here, I had myself a double scoop ice cream, green tea on top, cookies n' cream on bottom... while ms. spoilsport only had herself a coke. Psh, whatevs.

Maggie: what? i wanted one!

Time to chill again! Now, by a fountain!

Errol: Awww, doggies and couples~!
Maggie: doggies are my friends!!

Errol: And what better way to chill than to have some snacks at Nijiya Market~! Magnum got herself a little curry-meal-treat, and I had a bucket o' mangoes. Heck yeah.

Maggie: wasn't that hungry, but wanted to make it up to mahself for the sub-par curry udon, twas very good though! the microwaves at the store aren't that great, two minutes and the food barely contained any heat!

Errol: Well, it's time to take our leave... Little Tokyo's been fun, but we decided we'd end our Anniversary at home (with a quick trip by a game store)... so farewell Little Tokyo, until next Saturday (we decided to go again the following week).

Maggie: we went a second time cuz Darling didn't get to enjoy the wind (his favorite part of Little Tokyo), and Maggie needed to get that Hello Kitty folder~

Maggie: such good smells from those taco/hot dog carts...

Errol: We made it!!!! That was quite the crazy maze...

Maggie: i lead the way!

Errol: Alright, let's Metro it outta' here!

Bye Bye Train~!

A Time Capsule
Errol: Nah, it's just a self-cleaning restroom... Pretty cool, except for the whole "Wait for a couple minutes for it to clean itself - after each and every single user"...

Maggie: had to use the restroom more than i realized, was a bit worried cuz our bus had pulled in, and didn't want to miss it cuz Maggie couldn't hold it~

The Bus Home
Errol: Whoah, the first picture I took makes it look like the bus is leaning... like a weird kind of skew. I wonder why that is???

Maggie: cuz it's METRO MAGIC~

Errol: Ah well, time to head home... with a side-trip to a game store to get some DS games.
Maggie: and WalMart~

But first...


Let's Go~!

Errol: Ummm... what'd we get again?? Fire Emblem and... Super Robot Taisen, right??
Maggie: and Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner (for me~ want long hair again!) and an XBOX360 points card for the Darling~

The Road Home

My Home & My Everything

My fuzzy neighbors.
Errol: I don't see these guys as my dogs. I see 'em as my pals and neighbors. I don't expect them to obey me, I expect them to know that I know better in certain situations... I think every dog owner should be the same. Just came by to say hi before Mags and I were left to our lonesome.

Maggie: it is so hard to take a good picture of Noodles (the brown one), and Rufio (the white/gray one) was all fritzy~

Errol: All-in-all, that was a pretty fun Anniversary eh darling?


Errol: Do you think it was worthy of being our 5th Anniversary?

Maggie: yeah~

Errol: How'd it feel to be mostly in charge for it?

Maggie: kinda good, but still not as good with money as you are! had to pay my first over draft for it, but that is litterally no thing compared to our wonderful, exciting, cleansing, beautiful day...

Errol: I love you babe, so much. I really do.

Maggie:   i love you too, my Sweet Darling, you make this life worth living~

Errol: Happy Anniversary~!

Maggie: Happy Anniversary~!

Errol: Forever and More~!


And now a picture of a really bored kid.

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Sunday, April 27th 2008

6:58 PM

RoMa Anniversary '08

  • Mood: Happy
RoMa: A combination of our old "signatures": Ro-chan & Ma-chan.
(It's also Italian for Rome)
Anniversary: 04.26.04

4th Year Anniversary
Destination: Little Tokyo (Our Old Stomping Ground)
Weather: Warm

Hey guys! We'd like to tell you guys of our amazing adventure of this year's Anniversary!

Errol: First, Maggie reached my house, and was ready to show off her new outfit!
While we have no picture of the full outfit, we do have a part of the clothing on film:

Errol: Her outfit was so brightly colored, it was amazing. It was really cute.
And I thought the shirt's little message was awf'ly sweet of her.

Maggie: i'd have to say my outfit was pretty cute! it included this shirt, a little yellow zip-up hoodie, wide dark pants, and little yellow-and-white-polka-dotted shoes (which gave me blisters)!

Errol: Maggie also gave me her presents during this time. She made me a Waddle Dee plushie (of which you'll see later), bought me a Vulpix plushie (I lost my old one years ago), and made me a cute little box (which has a brightly-drawn-cover of a scene in Kirby Super Star) with a sweet letter.  I wasn't going to show her my presents til' we got to Coco's.

To Coco's!
To Coco's we went!

Errol: Sadly, I never thought of taking pictures while we were there... but I can tell you what we did have! Mmmm... breakfast.
Maggie had the chicken fried steak, and I had the Lumberjack Stack!
But I took out the ham, added more sausages and added an extra egg for the scramble.

Maggie: and i traded the country potatoes for hash browns!

Errol: At this time, I gave her my present: a 15-page drawn comic of Big Dumb Puppy! An anniversary edition! I worked on it for 2 nights to make it perfect! And surely enough, it made her cry.

Maggie: correction "it made her cry every time she read it!" which i did re-read it about 15 times, and little tears would come up and i would feel all special and loved. my Honey is so shweet to me~!

Errol: Well, we headed back home because Maggie's plastic shoes were killing her! It kept blistering her heels, so we were going back to get her a band aid and another pair of shoes...

Maggie: they were black and went with my second outfit rather nicely! there were other components, but they cannot be revealed to the public!

Errol: While we were resting up, I got this picture of us, using our laptop computer:

Errol: Ain't it cute? Look! She made me a WaddleDoo! As you can see, she changed to her other outfit since she had to give up the yellow plastic shoes. This outfit was not as cute, but looked a lot cooler and pretty.

Maggie: more like "f---ing awesome!" anyways, yeah, that was my first attempt at making a 3-D plushie so be nice! i had actually had that planned for weeks but i didn't start making it until a few days before! it was also one of the few times where my crafts included glue! i knew it would look better, but i just hoped Darling wouldn't be too rough with him so he'd fall apart!

Errol: Well, we were off to Little Tokyo! Going there the only way we really know how: Via Metro Bus Line!

Errol: Yeah, there's metro subway train stations, but that's a lot more chaotic than it should be.
The ride was long, but comfortable.

Maggie: the buses going there were actually pretty nice! we took the 152 and then transferred to the 394! it took a really long time! and we passed by like 5 McDonalds! and a college prep school where Soshi's brother said they encouraged you to sell your soul to the Devil...  O.o that's weird...

Then we ended up at Little Tokyo! And this is where our adventure really begins!

Errol: Realize that this was a big thing for us, since we haven't been to Little Tokyo since Last Anniversary!

Maggie: which was a year ago! tee hee!

Errol: First we stopped at Marukai, our favorite little Japanese market, but sadly, I forgot to take pictures here...  So here's another picture!

Errol: Sadly, that's an out-dated photo... that was the old Marukai market... recently, it moved down Weller Court,  closer to the Starbucks. Since then, it has expanded, and looked more modern. Rather than just a small Japanese Market (as charming as that is).

Maggie: i was really sad that it lost most of it's quaint, home-town type feel, but i was more happy that it was doing so well

Errol: Well, you get the idea. Maggie got herself a melon-yogurt drink, and I got me a Starbucks Vanilla frappuccino... mmmm... yummy.

Maggie: ... why doesn't Sapporo make melon soda anymore!? it was the best! cool, melon-y, refreshing and just a slight milk-y flavor to bring it all together!

Errol: We then entered into weller court and found ourselves climbing the very familiar stairway...
The stairway we took to get to barbeque and noodle stores many times in the past, and the most favorite: The beloved-ly expensive bookstore... Kinokuniya!

Errol: Yeah, forgot to get a picture of the store, too... But not to worry, I got this picture of the bag! I gotta' tell ya' though, I love the place... but the prices are insane.
Import my @$$, it's cheaper on eBay, even with shipping and handling.
Nice stuff, though.

Maggie: T_T they didn't have any Lucky Star stuff (well, the stuff i wanted) yet, but i guess it's a good excuse to shop on eBay! Darling did, however, get me an amazing craft book that i will use forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

Next stop Jungle Anime!!!

Errol: Originally, I took a picture of the whole front of the store... but the sign was too blurry that I just trashed the pic. Look! It's Ultraman!
Now for those of you blasphemous otakus out there who don't know what Jungle Anime is... I would have to say that Jungle is LA's main anime store... not because they have a lot of stuff (which they do), but because they cater for the otaku-customer. If you cosplay, and it's good, you get pictured on their door... you go in through the doors and you're greeted by a woman's voice that's activated through the step-in mat. Figurines on your right, cheap (but good) stuff on the left, costumed-shows (Ranger, Masked, Ultra, and Godzillas) in the back, posters and merchandise in the center, and the long-glass counter full of DVDs on the left-wall. Not only that, but these guys have often set up shops in anime conventions.

...but wait! The place has changed! No longer is the back full of godzilla and ultraman figurines! And there's a serious lack of anime goodness! What happened?!
It seems the back-glass-shelves has turned into ecchi/hentai figurines -not so bad. And the glass counter has become ALL costumed-shows -not so bad either. But where are the animes?!
After we bought a few things (an akazukin figurine and an arale figurine), we were told that they expanded into a second store - mostly anime!
If I were still an otaku, this information would jump me out of my boots (and yes, I was wearing boots)!
But I still got excited since I love these guys... (during my otaku years, these guys were most helpful).
-if you noticed, I didn't take any pictures on the inside of the place... I respect these guys enough not to picture their original goods -in case there's any law against it.

Maggie: i've come to accept the more otaku side of me, meaning that (if the price isn't too high) i'd like to buy little anime dollies! the one of Akazukin was super cute~! i really wanted the one of Grendel, it was so cool looking! they had a couple Lucky Star dollies, but (again) none that i wanted. i also thought the hentai dolls were funny and grossly offensive! hahaha~! well not really offensive... just kinda sad. they had one sexy blonde cow girl doll where you could replace her breast with soft gel-filled ones... at least God still loves the people who buy that stuff...

So Off We Went! To Jungle Anime 2!!!

Errol: It was literally behind the original one! And the amount of attention it was getting assured me that Jungle was doing great! Apparently, this one's more anime-ish, while the original stayed its typical all-around goodness. I'm glad for them. Oh, and an NSFW picture is coming up, scroll fast through this.

Time For Some Pictures!

Errol: Look! Customers! Lots of 'em! Yay!

Maggie: look at my fat arm! Yay!

Errol: Shh... it's okay if you buy it, just hide it before someone notices you!

Errol: LOLita dresses... ha... ha...

Errol: No anime store is complete without buildable Gundam models...

Errol: Maggie just thought this was cool...

Maggie: becuz it was! O.o duh!

Errol: Look! It's Astro boy! And the top half of Maggie's big head!

Maggie: hey!

Errol: Isn't that Samurai Jack model nice?

Errol: You name it... figurines, dvds, mangas, build-up models, cds, posters, t-shirts, lolita-outfits, bags, and kimono-outfits! They're there! ... but there's a serious lack in the hentai-department (other than the risque posters)... I suppose that's why you go to the original Jungle.

Errol: I'm really glad that Jungle's doing well. They took care of my anime-needs.

Maggie: notice he had a lot less respect for this Jungle Anime, cuz he was taking pictures all over the place! again, they had no Lucky Star stuff... and no cute anime bags... and i didn't really know any of the plushies they had... and they had sh!tty Japanese bands... T_T

Back to the Little Tokyo Shopping Center!

Errol: The Plaza Gift Center! Tons of knicks and knacks! But you have to hurry, it's only open in the morning!

Maggie: yeah! and they complement you and kiss your feet if you buy something expensive... Darling!

Errol: The Little Tokyo Shopping Mall is a MUST when visiting downtown LA.

Maggie: see if you can point out the white people!

Errol: This store is strangely full and bustling... so much stuff... and all of them aren't attractive to me.......... except for that DBZ scouter... I HAVE to go back for that.

Maggie: T_T but we didn't... they had so much Naruto stuff... which made me sad cuz there wasn't anything else cute there... and i miss the 98cent store that used to be there...

Errol: But... they did have Miyazaki stuff there...

Errol: Awww! Look! It's Maggie next to the modern-designed fountain! She's so pretty!

Maggie: more like pretty fat... well, at least it's the cute kind! i like McDonalds!

Now that we were done here, up next was our fave: Little Tokyo Mall!

Ta-Dah~~! Most otakus don't know where this is!

Errol: But before that,  I clicked some pictures along the way!

Errol: Look! It's Maggie! So pretty! And she's in front of a subway!

Maggie: where are my eyes?

Errol: You know where this is going...

Maggie: five! five dollar! five dollar foot long!

Errol: Heck yes.

Errol: This is American Apparel! It's very modern and stylish! Maggie really likes it there!

Maggie: got my favorite hoodie from here! it's black with a white thermal inside! it looks like sh!t now cuz i wear it so much, but it was stylin' back then!

Errol: This is the Buddhist childcare school-thingy...

Errol: And this is the intimidating obelisk-church on the opposite corner of the Buddhist childcare.

Maggie: love God... LOVE GOD!!! NOW!!!!

Woohoo! Now to the mall!

Errol: It took my old-friends forever to ever find this place.

Errol: There's always this little spot in the middle of the mall... I don't know how that bowl/plate store is able to afford its own store AND a part of the mall-walkway.

Errol: And of course, there's the legendary (at least to us) Mitsuwa. Shopping mart extraordinaire!

Maggie: THEY SERVE CURRY UDON!!!! enough said

Errol: Ah, the old Discount Store... I once spent over $100 in there. I buy in "bulk".

Maggie: excuse me! WE spent..! wait, ^^;; i guess you were the one with the money... but i helped!

Errol: And here's a strange one... Japan Arcade. Apparently, tons of people have been here, and most of them aren't even otakus! How in the world did these people find this?

Maggie: they have a Taiko drum game that's really loud and fun! it makes my hands hurt to use them wooden taiko sticks! and there Rival Schools game was busted! lame!

Errol: LA Scoops has served us well... it was a nice spot to hang out and eat some ice cream.
And as you can notice, there's a Beard Papa there... it used to be a pizza-bakery shop.

Maggie: we didn't go to either one that day, but both are extraordinarily yummy places!

Errol: Ah... the dreaded shop of bad soba. I'll never forget it.

Maggie: cuz they have bad Soba. guess who had to find out the hard way! T_T and that was my first time having it too...

If you know us, you know what'll be our first choice here...
That's right! MITSUWA!!!

Not only do we shop here, but we LOVE to eat here.

Errol: The beloved food place in Mitsuwa. There's Maggie at the counter!

Maggie: yeah! look at that fatass stuff her face! anyways, Darling said that red jacket that kid's wearing comes from a super elite Karate dojo in Japan... why didn't he karate chop the table then???????

Errol: There's Maggie's favorites. It could practically be the sole reason she ever comes to Little Tokyo.

Maggie: Excuse me! obviously there's three reasons on that table! except, replace the Dr Pepper with Melon soda and the croquette with a charming atmosphere! oh yes, this is the famous Curry Udon! a must for anyone who loves curry and/or soup-y delights! notice i don't like the fish cakes...

Errol: I like mine simple. Beef Bowl. Mmmm.

Maggie: it actually is pretty f---in' awesome tasting.

Next stop! Japan Arcade! But first, here's a picture of some losers!

Errol: I would apologize for the blurriness of this picture. But 1) I didn't take the picture, it was Maggie... she actually thought it would be a sick joke to take a picture of these freaks. 2) I'm glad it's blurry. Thank God. I'm glad we have no clear picture of this.
You know why I'm so mean? Because who the hell cos-plays at a mall??? There's Jungle anime down on the other side, go there! These kids were just hanging around! You know the problem is with that? They scare the locals away from the upstairs! Think I'm joking, try going there and looking around the top-floor: No locals. For a reason. Locals hate otakus, they just won't say it to your face.

Maggie: aw! i didn't get the kinda fugly/kinda hot cat girl! sorry guys! by the way, the blurriness also covers the acne party that was all over those guy's faces...

Errol: And to think I was harsh on them. You were able to exceed me even with less words.

Now off to the Japan Arcade!

Errol: Ah... Good ol' Japan Arcade. It's very popular with the regular arcade-goers and the show-off otakus... you don't know how many lolita-cos-playing otakus I've seen dancing on DDR. Well, around here we only really play two games: Taiko Drums and Rival Schools. ...sadly, Rival Schools wasn't working. But we had loads of fun on Taiko Drums! Especially in playing Cha-La Head Cha-La!

Maggie: but the lame Asians were playing on the DDR...

Errol: Yeah... this time... but that's just how it is... Asians or otakus. Oh, and one more thing- this arcade has a pool table... expect it to be taken most times.

Time to leave the mall! But first, more pictures!

Errol: This is Reflex Gamer... it's new... it has okay stuff... until I heard the owner talking about how they tried beating Amazon's prices. And that wasn't a problem... THEN they said they tried beating Game Dude's prices! They lost, but what the hell?! WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO BEAT GAME DUDE?!! GAME DUDE IS AWESOME AND SHOULD NEVER EVEN COMPETE! NEVER EVER!!! Friggin' pigs.

Maggie: Game Dude=gamer's heaven in the middle of nowhere... every game you ever wanted is there for less then market value.. you think i'm joking? COME SAY THAT TO MY FACE, PUNK! and if you do, then i guess you're just going to have to fly to LA to come see it for yourself! see you soon!


Maggie: there stands the shell that used to be my most favorite Hello Kitty place in the whole world... authentic products (meaning not the sh!t you usually see in Sanrio stores, but the straight from Japan kind that are actually made with real fabric)... and the lady was really nice too... we spent over $200 dollars there one time... T_T God be with you nice Japanese lady!

Errol: Excuse me, when we were together, we spent $200... but when I bought you all those gifts by myself, I went $300.

Errol: Look, all the roofs to some entrances have this little Japanese-roof-tiling thingy... cute, huh?

Maggie: that door leads to the scary bathroom in the middle of an alley-like hallway...

Errol: The dreaded hallway... not really, it's just the hallway to the restroom... try walking here on a weeknight, when the mall's practically empty... it's creepy.

Errol: Don't go down the wrong corner, it looks friggin' scary down that way.

Errol: That's me in the restroom! Hello!

Maggie: Hi!

Errol: What would I do without my DS when I have to waste time? ... oh, and I'm using my MAX Player on the DS... so I can listen to music and watch videos on it. And it works fine!

Errol: Now we're leaving the mall! And here's where a big rock-water-fountain used to be... but now it's gone... awww...

Maggie: but it's been replaced with nasty otakus! haha... ha ha... ha...... 

Now that we're done there, we're going back to the Little Tokyo Shopping Center! But first, white land!

Errol: This is what we claim to be the "white area"... just right on the other corner... a starbucks, a quizno's, a skater store, and etc... yeah, just RIGHT. THERE. Weird.

Maggie: oh! and an Office Depot! and across the street is a Fed-Ex/Kinko's which is underneath a trendy apartment building... O.o weird...

Errol: Yay Quizno's!

Maggie: Tangy sandwhich!

Now! Onward! To the shopping center!

Errol: This is where a Japanese lady usually drags Maggie into... Maggie constantly oggles things in this place... even if Maggie's outside, the Japanese lady comes out and asks us to come in to look at her other products... and just like a true saleswoman, she already starts expecting us to buy something... *sigh* And out of pure respect, we usually have to... *sigh* That's why I usually try to drag Maggie away the instant she looks at the store.

Maggie: .......... but i wanted that cute shirt.......

Errol: This is a gift store as well... and this is where we buy our "Ai" shirts... everytime an Ai shirt becomes ruined or lost, we come here to resupply them. One time, I even bought a lighter that was flicking you off, and when you pressed down on the button, the fire bursts through the middle finger and a mini-voice comes out saying "F*ck you! F*ck you!".

Maggie: O.o......

Errol: This is J Wave, a great rental store. All Japanese. You can even rent CDs here! And there's lots of concert and music video videos here! It's awesome. It's great... it's also inconvenient if you don't live near here.

Errol: We stopped by Jungle anime to go to their little photo-stands... because the ones in Mitsuwa weren't working. And if you have a good eye, you'll notice I'm not wearing white-black anymore... now I'm wearing black-white.

Maggie: i thought this was a cute picture, but it was one of those things where one person would look good and the other would look kinda wierd! i wish you could've smiled more in this one! oh well, you're cuteness shines through!

Errol: This is my favorite cafe! It's the perfect place to just buy a simple bowl or plate of food, get a good drink (cold or hot), sit down, read the newspaper, enjoy the weather, and just reellllaaaaxxx~...

Maggie: ... :: pretends to be Darling speaking in an old man voice:: yar! Conflabbit! dern kids and them things in ther' ears! go away! ... yer... ger... damn.... gar... mmm, soup!

Errol: But I'm not that much of a fan of soup. O_o

Errol: Just another nice picture of the plaza...

Now onto Kamikaze! But first... Pinkberry!

Errol: I think you know where this is going.

Maggie: what is going on?

Errol: Catchy.

Maggie: ... O.o you're weird hun... and i want that plum card! it's so pretty!

Now Kamikaze!

Errol: Kamikaze! This is where I buy all my used CDs!

Errol: But of course, that's not all that's here.

Errol: There's school uniforms here! I bought my favorite one here!

Errol: Cheap CDs! Yay!

Errol: Wallscrolls, T-shirts, and games! ...and there's hentai and porn in the back! Yay Japan!

Maggie: ... it was so stuffy in there... and i don't know how you can find CDs there Hun... those shelves were like a labyrinth...

Well, it's back to the Shopping Center Plaza for some rest and relaxation!

Errol: This is where I bought my first Japanese Sandals... and also where I bought Maggie's ceramic Koi fish.

Maggie: which is on my nightstand! i love Koi! they're like pigeons except they're fish and very pretty! but they come to you for food just like pigeons do! they'll even poke their head out of the water!

Errol: This is a famous ice cream spot here... it's okay.

Errol: Ahhh~ Relaxing from the hot weather by reading an Akira Toriyama art book and drinking some nice cool drinks underneath an umbrella.... Ahhhh~...

Maggie: this was one of favorite parts! except for all the otaku girls that kept walking by... one had a nice outfit, but her skirt was too short... like, not the attractive kind, especially with that face... and then skinny nerd girls in cat ears/bad bohemian outfits with lame anime dolls walked by... it's sad, really it is... that art book had some f---ing awesome pictures by the way.

Errol: And that's Nijiya Market, right across from the relaxation spot... it has some goodies for snacks and drinks...

Maggie: that's also were Iron Chef Morimoto has all his ingredients bought!

Errol: They really need to clean their roof tiles.

Maggie: the lady just below the cut-off looks funny...

Errol: It's a karaoke restaurant... that lady was probably drunk on the picture.


Maggie: ......... T_T it really is....... but people look at me that way here in the states too... shut up kid! God...

Enough Rest & Relaxation Here! Time To Rest & Relax At The Community Center!

Errol: The community center! A big open spot for several conventions and meets! Many things can happen here! And about all of these events are free!

Errol: This time, a black gospel group! They dance to wonderful Christian music.

Maggie: i thought it was more hip-hop or new wave, but it was still nice to listen too... ^_^ the wind that blew through that place was divine...

Errol: And that's the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center.There's a nice museum inside there, of many different things! You can even take classes inside! Like origami classes, Japanese history, and flower-arranging! So cool. Also, adjacent to this building is the Japanese theatre! You can watch Kabukis there!

Maggie: i.e. the place i always want to go, but am too awkwardly-white to ever participate in......

Errol: The pictures show some events of the community center...

Maggie: and some guy...

Errol: That's the Japanese Garden... as you can see, it's under reconstruction... it's usually really beautiful...

Maggie: i thought how it looks now still has kindof a Zen feel to it...

Errol: Look! It's Maggie! She's so pretty!
She's also quite tired.

Maggie: she is also quite... ah, actually this pic isn't so bad...

Errol: As the music went higher and higher... the trees danced more and MORE... it's as if they were alive and could hear the music... they were alive and so happy...

Maggie: they were moving to something!

Ice Cream Time!

Errol: I always forget the name of this shop, but I love getting my Green Tea Ice cream here. It's a nice little store on the corner.


Maggie: yummy! a guy came in asking for a chili dog, but the owner said they don't serve it on the weekends... i could feel that guy's anger/embarrassment... i thought he was going to kill everyone... O.o a little paranoid much?


Errol: We sang songs like "Take On Me", "Don't Want To Miss A Thing", "Don't Stop Believing", "Your Song", "You'll Be In My Heart", and "Digital Love". Look at my black-white outfit! Told you I changed my clothes.

Maggie: wow! nice combilations on the pictures Hun! ^_^ that was i think the best karaoke we ever had! but the close second is when Darling sang that one break up song that made that one guy huddle in a corner and almost cry (he had just broke up with his fiance and was trying to pretend he was over it... and Darling just HAD to shock him out of it...

Errol: A man who lies about his emotions, will only become a slave to it.

Errol: Now the biggest reason of why we're here... MELON SODA FLOAT!!!

Maggie: excuse me, more like TWO melon soda floats! which gave way to two tummy aches!

Errol: But wasn't it SO worth getting 4?

Errol: Maggie! She's so cool!

Maggie: ... O.o, uh no. anyways, it's hard for me to get into karaoke becuz i'm awkward enough as it is... but i tried to work it to make Darling giggle...

Errol: You need to work on your reckless passion, hun.

Errol: We got a big room.

Maggie: you got a big...! wait... uh, nevermind!

Errol: We had lots of fun, didn't we?

Maggie: ... yeah

Errol: It was time to go... we had so much fun...
And here we are, waiting for the bus to go back... right across from a court with an intimidating statue.
Strange though, it's nearing 8pm, and it's still so bright.
But we had so much fun.

Maggie: ... i love you Hun~!

Errol: Love you too.

Errol: Overall, it was amazing, and this year's Karaoke was the best we've ever had. It was so fun and amazing! Everything was! And best of all... Maggie slept over!

Maggie: actually, yeah... sleeping over did make it awesome! and the other stuff we did Happy Anniversary Darling~!

Errol: Happy Anniversary, darling.
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